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– Luca, from Italy. Been in Japan for 1 year. 4 months in Tokyo. Lived in Sendai. Working as a private researcher on computational electromagnetic fields. Solve big system of equations using Linux. Not a system administrator, but he likes it.
– Dave. I also just moved here from Sendai. Looking for work as a sysad in Tokyo. Moved here on Wednesday. Lived in Sendai for a few months. Moved from Vancouver.
– George. Six months in Japan. Came at the December meeting at the pub and had a specific Linux question; thrill to be there, so came back this time and next time will come early so that he won’t get lost. Moved from South Carolina last June.
– Keith. Met some of you at the pub. Have been here for the last 4 months. Come from Australia.
– Kevin. Three months. Moved from New York. Wife Miki. Working at Nokia.
– Jim. Usually wakes up late. Been in Japan for around 14 years. Works for Puma. Use Linux there—one machine, starting to play with it.

Squeak! Squeak!

Datacomm guy, college student—Keio University. Wife teaches English and computer technology.

– Alan Kay Project — teaching children with Squeak

Squeakland, Play with Squeak, squeak.or.kr, small land, croquet (3d
environment for Squeak), Tweak (nextgen of Morphic), but stick with
the versions available today.

I want. =)

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