My answers to [[][Which OStan are you?]]

You are Linux. You're not as well known as the others, but you have a devoted following bordering on the fanatical, and with your penguin suit and GNU helmet, you will someday bring Microsoft toppling down.

1. The alarm goes off in the morning. Your first thought is:
(*) Time to get up and fight evil!

2. You get out of bed and start to get dressed. Today you are wearing:
(*) a long coat, some high boots, my glasses

3. Now that you're dressed, you check your reflection in the mirror. How do you look?
(*) I'm probably cute, but I'm too busy to look in the mirror.

4. Okay, so you're pretty cute. Now how about some breakfast?
(*) No time for breakfast! There's work to be done!

5. Okay, now off to work! Are you a good worker?
(*) I'm an expert at behind the scenes work

6. Work can be quite stressful. Just how stable are you?
(*) I'm usually pretty stable until I blow up your monitor.

7. Well, how about siblings?
(*) Yes, but I sort of do my own thing.

8. So how do you feel about rival OSs?
(*) I battle daily to bring about the downfall of windows.

9. So, are you popular?
(*) Most people don't know or like me much, but those who like me are devoted.

10.And now the question no quiz is complete without: what is your favorite color?
(*) black and white, or possibly red
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