A fun-filled day: part 2. Pottery lessons

| cat

I went for my first pottery lesson today! I joined my mom for pottery
lessons at the Pettyjohn-Mendoza pottery studio in Greenbelt.
Wonderful, wonderful people. While I learned how to shape clay,
I had a lot of fun chatting with the Pettyjohns.

I made two cats: Scaredy-cat and Catnap. I formed Scaredy-cat by
pinching out a shape As for Catnap, well… I just smoothed away stuff
that didn’t look like a cat. It wasn’t perfect, but it looked somewhat
recognizable. I like clay more than I like pencil. I have a hard time
sketching the shape of a cat in pencil, but I remember what a cat feels

I also made a coil pot, a surfer, and a weird eye bowl.

Maybe I’ll keep Scaredy-cat and Catnap. We’ll check next week when the
pieces are a bit drier. I’ll bring a camera next time so that you can
see them. =)

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