Chat with Sean

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I finally managed to have dinner with Sean earlier. It turns out he
wasn’t avoiding me (heaven forbid). He had just been just buried under
work, having recently had his workday extended by an hour or so.
Dinner out was a welcome break for him, and we spent a few hours
leisurely chatting over soup and pasta at Almon Marina. I showed him
my feeble attempts at sketching and he gave me a few tips on facial
expressions. We chatted about movies and retrogaming, too. (No, we
didn’t mention the weather at all.)

We headed over to Bizu for dessert, where we ran into Aaron—an old
college friend I hadn’t seen in ages. It was a lot of fun chatting
with Aaron, and it looks like business is treating him very well
despite the demanding schedule. He juggles and is looking forward to
our show. =) As for me—the low-sugar chocolates and the positively
decadent chocolate souffle sent me into seventh heaven. I can’t
recommend that place enough.

The evening was great fun, and I look forward to meeting Sean and our
other friends soon. It’s funny… I really _do_ think meeting some
people would be more interesting than watching TV—or maybe even
working with the computer. Oooh, my hidden extrovert is showing… ;)

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