Mensa Qualifying Session

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Start May 7, ’05 9:00a
End May 7, ’05 3:00p
Location Private Room, Oakwood Premier

Mensa Philippines is an emerging national Mensa under the auspices of
Mensa International Ltd. The society has over 100,000 members in over
80 countries worldwide. R. Buckminster Fuller, actress / archer Geena
Davis, comedian John Cleese (Monty Python), Scott Adams (Dilbert),
Matt Groening (Simpsons), Jean Auel (Clan of the Cave Bear) and
science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov are some of the more prominent
Mensa members.

While we don’t have tests that you can take at home, there are many
practice tests available on the Internet. You will find tests, puzzles
and other Mensa resources at:

The sole criterion for membership in Mensa, is to score within the top
2 percent (98th percentile and up) on an accepted and properly
supervised qualifying test.

Mensa will be holding just such a qualifying session on SATURDAY, 07
MAY 2005 at the Private Room, OAKWOOD Premier, Glorietta 4, Ayala
Center, Makati.

The qualifier is a culture-fair test of the type that is often
referred to as “abstract reasoning”. It does NOT test for math or
language skills. While there is no strict time-limit, most people will
finish in an hour or two. You may register and START your test anytime
between 9:00 A.M. and 3 P.M.

YOU will ONLY need to BRING a valid ID (with photo) and the testing
fee of P400 (or the discounted P150 rate for UNDER-GRAD students). We
would also appreciate it if you could verify your postal address and

Pre-registration requires NO pre-payment. Payments will only be
received at the testing venue itself. Providing us with your name and
contact info beforehand simply allows us to be better prepared to
accommodate you. Pre-registrants may choose their time slot and will
have preference over walk-in test-takers.

The identities of the those who take the test as well as any results
are strictly confidential. The results will be mailed to you within a
month or so. If you don’t quite make the cut this time around (we all
have off days), you may re-take the qualifying test after 6 months.

Follow this link for more information regarding Mensa’s qualifying

For further inquiries

  • Dra. Jesy Gutierrez (QC – Veterans Memorial Hospital) (2) 927-6956 (direct line, office hours)
  • Tet Arcenal (Manila – UP CAS – Manila) (2) 523-93-92 or (2) 521-66-92 (office hours)

E-Mail: (Subject: May 07 Oakwood Test)

To pre-register

E-Mail: (Subject: May 07 Oakwood Test)


Pre-registration will close a week before the test. Note that Mensa is
manned exclusively by volunteers, so an immediate response may not be
possible. We will get back to you as promptly as we can.

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