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Announcing planner-el-3.29, available at and deb . =)

Summary Synchronize with sacha AT—main/planner—dev—1.0—patch-380
Revision planner—stable—1.0—patch-116

  • dev/369: planner-annotation-symbol-string
  • dev/369: planner-create-task-from-note
  • dev/370: planner-timewarp
  • dev/371: planner-annotation-from-dired
  • dev/372: planner-psvn for version control

dryice/33-38, dev/365-379, jeho/50-60, johnsu01/0-3


  • dev/366: planner-multi read-only prompt, sort-task excursions, planner-appt advice
  • dev/367: Always add menu to planner-mode buffers
  • dev/368: planner-multi-read-name bugfix from jeho
  • dev/369: planner-timeclock-summary-proj bugfix
  • dev/370: Group .-? regexp to deal with possible XEmacs bug
  • dev/372: planner-vm-browse-url and message IDs
  • dev/376: planner-id bugfixes with completed/cancelled tasks
  • dev/377: planner-gnus: pick up group name properly
  • dev/380: planner-multi replace mapc with mapcar for emacs20

  • dev/365: Update my sample configuration file
  • dev/374: New URL for remind
  • dev/375: Carrying over unfinished tasks
  • dev/379: Document planner-trunk

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