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(Yes, yes, I promised another article about an Emacs-based PIM, but I
wanted to write about this instead. I’ll write about PIMs eventually.)

What does it mean to be more productive? I love reading about
productivity tools and tips. I could spend hours just going through
the discussions at . However, all of this has
to translate into concrete benefits. How can I improve my productivity?
Improvements include:

  • Keeping better track of tasks
  • Keeping my goals firmly in mind
  • Making it easier for me to work on something than to procrastinate
  • Finding ways to see the big picture

Why do I want to be more productive? Well, I’ve got my Big, Hairy,
Audacious Goals:

  • Get people hooked on computing by offering highly individualized,
    experiential learning characterized not only by strong technical
    content but also excellent delivery.
  • Help people totally rock through personal information management. I
    want to listen to people describe how they plan and how they want to
    plan, and I want to help them figure out how to support those
    methods through software or whatever.

With my BHAGs firmly in mind and a critical approach to trying out new
tools, I’ve found that I can successfully resist the urge to migrate
everything to the whizzy new PIM app of the day. This is important;
otherwise I’d spend forever playing around with this stuff. I still
love finding out how other people are doing things, though! =)

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