The only party with homework

| party

A bon voyage party or despedida is usually a light, happy affair. Not
this despedida. This one comes with homework. For the party tomorrow
(June 9), you need to prepare a 2-year plan.

I want to know what people's interests and plans are so that I can
keep an eye out for interesting information and opportunities while
I'm there. I also plan to throw another party when I get back,
reviewing people's goals and finding out how far we are in achieving

Start thinking about who you want to be in two years and what you want
to do. Come to the Enrique studio, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines.
We're next to Mercury Drug. Map: 2005.07.06#5 Time: 1 – 5, program
at 3. Traditional Filipino snacks will be served. =)

See you there!

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