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I thought I had escaped typhoons and bad weather. Turns out Toronto's
got them too. Without the ever-so-convenient jeepneys that ply
Manila's streets, I had to walk that soggy distance home. Good thing
I'd brought a large plastic bag for my lunch and my binder. The bag
kept my binder mostly dry. My computer was also safe and sound. Water
leaked through my rain cloak, though, and my clothes were slightly
damp by the end of the trip. Still, I couldn't help but feel happy

As soon as I got home, I dropped my clothes in the laundry, combed my
hair, and settled into a warm, fuzzy, pink bathrobe. Hooray for

I found out that the rain cloak I _so_ love using isn't rated for
typhoons. Should I get an umbrella as well? A foldable umbrella would
fit into my black-and-orange bag, but I'm not sure how sturdy it could
be. A full umbrella would be too inconvenient for me, so I guess I'll
have to find a decent foldable umbrella. Someone sent me a link to
lifetime-guaranteed umbrellas before. I should check them out.

My black stretch pants turned out to be a little too long, and they
got stretched even further by the weight of the rain and the stress of
being stepped on every so often. I am going to have to buy another,
sturdier pair of stretch pants. This pair will not do. As I have given
up on them, I may as well try hemming them to match my length. If I
mess up, I wouldn't have lost much. If I manage to sew it, I'll have
gained a new skill! (Thanks again to St. Scholastica's College!)

The sun has just come out. Maybe I should've just waited for the rain
to end. Hmph.

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