Spread the light. Banish the darkness.

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From Manolo Quezon‘s blog.

An invitation.
August 20, 2005 at exactly 6:00 pm.

When an ordinary citizen steals, would an “I am sorry” be enough? When
an ordinary citizen lies, would an “I am sorry” be enough? When an
ordinary citizen cheats, would an “I am sorry” be enough?

Ask yourself: If you are an employee and your employer catches you
cheating, lying and stealing — will an “I am sorry” be sufficient or a
“lapse of judgment” be accepted? Or would you stand to lose your job?

What is our country coming to if we hold ordinary Filipinos to higher
and stricter standards than we hold the highest official of the land?

This is not to say that the President of the Philippines is guilty of
all that she is being accused of. It is only to say two different
standards of rules – one for the powerful and one for the powerless —
cannot exist if ours is to be a truly democratic and pluralistic

This is not the country we want. And so perhaps it is time we do
something about it.

If you believe, as we do, that it is time for ordinary Filipinos to
stand up and be counted in the fight for TRUTH — as well as for
Transparency, for Responsibility, for Unity, for Trust and for Hope —
then join us in a simple demonstration of our collective sentiments.

On August 20, Saturday, at exactly 6pm, take a few moments to light a
candle in demonstration of our collective effort to take this country
back from all who have not been true to it and to all of us ordinary
citizens – and to be the first step in bringing about the light that
will banish the darkness that hovers over our land!

Spread the light. Banish the darkness. August 20, 2005 at exactly

Transparency. Responsibility. Unity. Trust. Hope.

For me, it isn't a question of who's going to replace Gloria
Macapagal-Arroyo. It's a question of whether we're going to ask the
question in the first place, or whether we're going to close our eyes.

I may not be in the Philippines right now, but I hope to come home

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