Book notes: Rules for the Road

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Title Rules for the Road
Author Eve Luppert
ISBN 0-399-52411-8

Luppert's guide to surviving an entry-level job is a good read for fresh
graduates who need tips on surviving the mindless drudgery of their
first year. “Do stupid things brilliantly,” Luppert counsels, giving
hundreds of tips on surviving everything, including office gossip.

Of particular interest to me was the short segment on managing a
hands-off boss (hello, Mark! ;) ) on page 28. Luppert suggests finding
other people who have done what I'm trying to do and asking them
questions. Saving questions and ideas will help me make the most of rare
moments of contact, and I should take care to update him with tidbits
and stuff. Because he won't give me constant feedback, I'll need to give
myself whatever encouragement I need. Hmm.

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