Discovering exercise

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Today I not only discovered my inner nerd, but I also started down the long and slippery path of cultivating my inner jock. ;)

Well, no, not really. But I _did_ step inside the athletic center just
across the street. After all, my funding's already paying for it.
Might as well use it at least _once_ in the semester, right?

After wandering through twisty little passages (all alike), I
eventually found a drop-in class that promised a good workout. The
Steps workout is an aerobic thing that uses, well, a step in front of
you. I floundered like the uncoordinated geek that I am, but I managed
to enjoy myself. Forty minutes of workout flew by really quickly!

So that was fun. Stretching was fun, too, but I still have a terrible
time doing crunches. I had to stop several times just to catch my
breath and untangle my not-quite-there-yet abs.

Good workout. I think I'll go again next week.

I tried the exercise bikes, too. There were really cool ones that
measure your heart rate and adjust the resistance automatically. I
didn't have the time or energy to stick it out through the whole
30-minute thing, though, so that's something I'm going to try again
next week. =) Something to look forward to!

No 30-day pledges, no promises to stick to a thrice-weekly schedule.
I'm just going to see if I can make it back next week.

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