Lapping up lentils

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The past few days have been repeats of previous CookOrDie successes,
so I figured today I’d cook something in the true spirit of CookOrDie:
throw things together and see if it works.

I felt like having lentil soup today. I poured lentils into a pot,
covered them with lots of water, added chicken stock powder, and set
that boiling. Then I went “Hmm.” Chopped up two medium-sized onions
and threw them in, too. For good measure, I threw in a chopped tomato
and a couple of bay leaves at some point.

Good stuff. I originally planned to have some today and some tomorrow,
but at the rate I’m going, I’ll have it all today…


Needs slightly more liquid, but is otherwise great.

You know, I just might be able to survive on my cooking after all…

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