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Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and a Mac Mini
shall find its way onto your desk.

My former desktop got conscripted as the new blogging server after I,
err, dropped the computer intended for that use. A replacement Dell
desktop arrived last week, and I was supposed to meet Anna to set it
up with all the stuff I need.

In the middle of telling my research supervisor about a number of fun
Mac OS X applications he could try out, I realized that the department
had perfectly usable Mac Mini just wasting away, unloved.

They were thrilled to find someone who wanted to use a Mac, and that
worked out very well for everyone involved. Now I have a pretty
computer I can use to play around with Onlife, Quicksilver,
Textpander, and other fun things.

Apparently it was a first-gen Mac Mini without built-in Bluetooth
(duh!), so the wireless keyboard we bought from the campus computer
shop didn't work out of the box.

iCal and Microsoft Entourage were less thrilling than I thought. I
liked iCal's color-coding and promptly set up four different
calendars. Microsoft Entourage allowed me to drag-and-drop tasks onto
my calendar, but didn't really link them.

I guess if I really want a good calendar application, I'll have to
write it myself. Must learn AJAX.

Essential things I installed right away: Firefox, AquaEmacs, NeoOfficeJ.

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