Walked for 5 hours today

| emacs

I guess that satisfies my exercise quota. ;)

I wanted to get started in screen printing and decorating. I _could_
hand it off to someone to mass-produce, but I've got quirky ideas that
would probably make learning how to do it myself pay off.

I bought a screen printing kit and I'll be making shirts for myself.
I'll also make a special D*I*Y Planner shirt for Doug. =)
And if I really like it, I'll play around with other designs…

I also bought some canvas so that I can make my own patches. I want a
D*I*Y logo on my bag. Or a geek logo. Hmmm. Maybe I can do something
to make the patches hotswappable…

I'm tired! I'm not going to make the shirts today. I'm going to rest a
bit and then work on my lab report so I have something to show
tomorrow. =) I'll do the shirts tomorrow night.

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