Bought winter boots!

| canada

After a _lot_ of comparison shopping (all along Yonge Street, from
Bloor to Queen), I finally settled on two pairs of winter-ready boots.
Nice, sensible black boots lined with something to keep my feet warm.
They’re supposed to be good until -20’C, so I should be all set. I
also picked up a white polyester muffler from Sears because the
texture’s similar to my cashmere one.

That just about completes my winter clothing kit. I could use a few
more hats, I suppose, but it’s all good.

Projected expenses CAD 650
Total spent CAD 462.76 (and that’s with 4 coats, a number of pairs of gloves, and a couple of unnecessary items…)

Tips for other international students in Toronto:

– Buy coats at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other thrift shops for

awesome savings. You might be able to find good styles, and the
quality’s pretty okay. Check out the Goodwill at Gerrard. I found
petite coats there. Also, it’s close to the Salvation Army shop
(Parliament, I think?).

– Buy shoes new. Payless Shoe Source is a good place to get decent

boots. Finding your size and style in liquidation sales or
second-hand shops is too much work. You might also want to buy jeans
new for the same reason.

– Invest in a few quality pieces. My wind-resistant fleece (Mountain

Equipment Co-op) is expensive at CAD 99, but it’s very good at
keeping me warm, it’s easy to layer and it looks pretty decent. I
think it’s a good deal. And it feels good to wear, too. =)

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