Daylight savings time

So… hmm… I’ll be thirteen hours away from home, right?

“It’s Sunday, October 30th … Do you know what time it is?”

This is just a quick note to remind you that Canada returns to “Standard Time”
on the last Sunday of October each year. So at 2:00am on Sunday, October 30th
(last night), we re-set our clocks back one hour, to 1:00am (effectively losing
one hour of the day). People usually reset their clocks just before going to
bed on Saturday night. So when you wake up on Sunday, you have an extra hour
to sleep in.

Please note though that with this return to “Standard Time” the early evening
hours will now be darker sooner. This is often a dangerous time for
pedestrians, because while your routines have not yet changed, the natural
light has diminished dramatically, making it more difficult for drivers to see
you when crossing streets. So please be extra careful in the evenings. And if
you are driving or riding a bicycle, you will also have to be extra careful on
Monday evening (Hallowe’en night), because there will be many small children
out and they are often not familiar with street traffic dangers. And all of
you cyclists should remember that your bikes require front and rear lights when
riding at night — it’s the law. It is also a very safe and effective way for
you to be seen by oncoming road traffic and pedestrians.

E-Mail from Dermot Brennan