If you throw enough pots, you’ll be a master potter

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If you throw enough pots, you’ll be a master potter.

I got up this morning at 6:30 to write. The idea had been bubbling in
my brain all night and I simply had to sit down and get it out of my
head. If I write enough articles, if I give enough speeches, if I keep
pushing myself to do better, then I’ll be a master—maybe not now, but
I can wait ten years.

Ten years and 10,000 hours of work. That’s all that separates us from
the masters. Chess champions, ballet dancers—it’s all about practice.
Only passion can really push you to go that extra mile.

10,000 hours of work is just three hours a day. I can do three hours a
day. I can spend three hours a day learning how to research, how to
write, how to speak. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing for school,
anyway. I can do more than three hours a day.

People ask me if success is a matter of talent.
Talent isn’t something you’re born with.
It’s something you pay for with practice.
All you can start out with is passion. And when you pursue your passion, you’ll find that the universe matches your effort.

So I’m going to throw a lot of pots. I’m going to write a lot of
articles and give a lot of speeches. I want your feedback,
encouragement, insights and advice. Help me make things happen.

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