Speech practice

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I’ve just realized how amazingly useful a digital voice recorder is in
preparing for a speech. I can record myself, listen for awkward
segments or good phrases, and repeat until I’m satisfied. I’m also
thrilled to find that the scraps-of-paper approach to organizing
speech material works really well for me. =)

My current speech preparation procedure:

– 1. I capture speech ideas in a small notebook. Come to think of it, I

should transfer speech ideas to a dedicated notebook for even more

– 2. I develop speeches by scribbling material onto little scraps of

paper and laying them out on the floor or on a desk. I prefer
working on the floor because there’s more space.

– 3. I record a few runs while reading my notes, revising the material

as I discover what works and what doesn’t.

– 4. I gradually move to recording runs without looking at my notes.

My speech isn’t perfectly polished and I still stumble over a few
words, but I managed to do a lot of work in the last hour and a half.
=) Whee!

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