The sun _does_ come up after all

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Taught MIE451 a little bleary-eyed today, but fortunately picked up a
number of useful stories from personal experience. Had fun using Excel
wizardry to analyze the data from our lab in MIE448. I wowed my lab
partner with pivot tables and matrices, coming up with a very nifty
spreadsheet that automatically calculated the information stuff.
School’s okay.

Headed off to Bad Dog Theatre to
watch improvised comedy. Great fun. Hung out with people after the
show. Have made one good friend, I think. Bill said he doesn’t mind
just randomly hanging out. =)

Also got called by Dominique and my mom… =) Awwww…

In other news, my breath is starting to mist in the cold, and I’m
packing my light leather coat because it’s not warm enough. The thick
turtleneck sweater that used to keep me warm in Japan let a little
wind through, so I changed into one of the thick coats I picked up at
Goodwill. That kept me pleasantly warm. My lace-up boots are still
okay, though.

Oh dear. To think it’s just October…

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