Crisis in a time of chocolate and friendship

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Thanks to everyone who wrote in with words of warmth and support for a
teaching assistant going through an imposter-syndrome-identity-crisis.

Thanks also to everyone who would’ve written had they had the time to
read my blog. You’ve been busy, but that’s okay. I know you care.

Thanks to all the people who poured me a cup of chocolate, virtual or
not. Special thanks to my mom, who sent a gazillion packets of instant
chocolate mix by airmail. I can buy instant chocolate mix at any
store, but I can’t buy that kind of love.

Thanks to my professors and my students for having more faith in me
than I had in myself. Thanks for challenging me to do better.

Thanks, world, for reminding me that no matter how bad a crisis looks,
I don’t face it alone. I’m surrounded by people who are happy to help
in whatever way they can. I can only hope that I will have
opportunities to pay them back—or pay them forward.

What’s crisis in the time of chocolate and friendship? It is an
opportunity for shared troubles and shared joy.

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