Get-togethers I would like to have

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  • Geekettes speak. Exclusively for women, all forms of geekiness
    accepted. What can we do to encourage extraordinary learning and
    success in girls? Also, brainstorming for Charo’s summer camp.
    Let’s make that happen.
  • Education. People with a passion for teaching: let’s talk. What do
    we need? How can we make a difference?
  • Open source development. Who’s working on what? What do we need to
    do in order to get more people to contribute to open source? How can
    people get started? What problems do people encounter? What can we
    do to make open source development more visible?
  • Open source and education. What does it take to get Linux and open source
    into our classrooms? Who’s doing that? What’s it been like? What
    help do people need from the community?
  • Cybercafes. Who’s doing open source in cybercafes? How are they
    doing? What else do they need? How can we support them? What’s the
    next important thing we can do to get open source into cybercafes?
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