Discovering my inner librarian

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Just as my friends and I have corrupted
Marcelle and brought out his
inner geek, Clair exposed my inner
librarian. And to think it all started when she convinced me to
bookmark stuff using… Now I'm
flipping through the course listings for the Faculty of Information
Studies and wondering how I can fit some of those courses into my
M.A.Sc. Mechanical and Industrial Engineering program!

Here are all the courses I'm considering.

MIE (I need one more class from the department):

MIE 1510 Formal Techniques in Ontology Engineering Tue 2-4 Need instructor's permission because of prereqs. Might be too formal? Would help with project, though
MIE 1403 Methods in Human Factors Does this fit the kind of work I might do, or should I go to FIS and learn how to measure the performance of information retrieval systems?
MIE 1409S Human Computer Interface Design for Complex Systems Mon 9-11, Th 9-12. Potentially useful, but it's a joint undergrad class that starts on January 9, so I might end up missing two lab sessions in a row. Also, undergrad-synched classes probably won't give me the full grad experience

Non-MIE courses:

KMD 2002 Technologies for Knowledge Media Summer?
KMDI 1001 Fundamental Concepts in Knowledge Media Design Not offered this spring
KMDI 1002 Research Frontiers in Knowledge Media Design Wed 2-5. Might require KMDI 1001? I want to learn more about knowledge media
CS 2537H Hypermedia Need instructor's permission
FIS 2168H Information Retrieval Systems Analysis and design? Tue 1-4
FIS 2186H Metadata Schemas and Applications Tue 9-12, could be useful but might be more for librarians and information scientists
FIS 2169H / KMD 2001H User-centred Information Systems Development Wed 9-12
FIS 2140H Young People: Current & Emerging Information Practices Could be interesting; may be more of social science, though
FIS 2142H Theories of Classification and Knowledge Organization Mon 9-12
KMD 2001 Human-Centred Design Wed 9-12
KMD 2003 Knowledge Media & Learning Likely offered in summer 2006. Check in again.
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