Gave a talk at Toronto Interacts

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I was part of a panel on transitioning to AJAX (Asynchronous
Javascript and XML) hosted by the Toronto Interacts society for
usability professionals. I had to modify a lot of my talk on the fly,
as most of the audience had heard about the basics and weren’t really
interested in code. I spent more time talking about the usability
challenges and opportunities of something as small as autocompletion,
which was probably a good decision.

I forgot the recorder, though. Waah.

One of the attendees invited me to a nearby gathering of game
developers. I was surprised to find that it was a social event hosted
by the International Game Developers Association. I know about IGDA
because Ranulf’s the chair of the Manila chapter. It was a lively

Downside, though: I fell down the stairs while leaving the
restaurant… Nothing broken, but I can feel the bruises forming.
Worse: I broke the camera! Waaaah!

I feel terrible about that. In fact, the whole day’s been kinda iffy.
I really hate waking up to overcast skies and grey concrete walls…

Well, at least that speech is finished. It was nice meeting people, though.

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