Lazy web

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Ideas are a dime a dozen, and that's just the way I like it!

It means that a few months after I daydream about some kind of social
networking site focused on software applications people use, I stumble across something that actually does it. Freakishly, I already had a login. I probably created an account, forgot about it, and made it part of my subconscious.

But how _wonderful_ it is that other people think like I do!

That's why I don't mind giving my ideas away. I'm pretty sure that
lots of people out there have thought of the same things. What's
different about me is how I _do_ things: the enthusiasm and passion
and care I can bring to something. And that – well, I'm working on
giving _that_ away, too, infecting as many people as I can… =)

In the meantime, I can enjoy the benefits of the lazy Web. Hooray!

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