Long but fun day

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I was annoyed to find Scotiabank is closed on Saturdays, as I hadn't
thought to withdraw USD during the week and (fool that I was) I had
deposited all of my US dollars for safekeeping. That should teach me
to keep a stash. Oh well. I plan to convert a small amount using the
airport foreign exchange counters, then find a Citibank branch on
Tuesday for the rest. Hooray for Citibank!

I was also annoyed to find out that Payless Shoesource and the Shoe
Company didn't stock tango shoes, so I'll just have to stick with my
black ones. I still haven't found nice gel inserts for things like
that. That's okay. I survived one evening of dancing; I should be able
to do it again.

My hands still sting. I may have actually burnt them slightly, as a
section is slightly reddish and sensitive. I put lotion on, but it
hurts. Waah.

That said, today was absolutely wonderful. I bought a digital camera
(heads up, Mom and Dad! =) ). It's 4.1 megapixels, which is a step
down from my old camera, but it has all the usual frills _and_ a
special mode for winter. I looked at the thinner cameras too, but they
didn't have manual mode. After all the trouble Papa went to in order
to teach me how to do panning shots, I felt almost obliged to get a
proper camera. Well, at least as proper as point-and-shoots can be. Of
course, I asked Calum's help in picking a camera, so we went to the
largest camera store in Toronto (possibly Canada). The guy behind the
counter was very helpful. =)

We hung out a bit after that, checking out Walmarts for happy socks
and LEGO clearance prices. I'm thinking of giving Tita Gay happy
socks. She probably can't wear them to work, so I didn't give her
happy tights, but at least she can wear them on her days off and when
she's relaxing but her feet are cold.

Oh, and I've decided to grow parsley in the pot of soil that Michael's
going to give me. =) I'll set that up after I get back.

I ended up helping Calum with his LEGO robot, too. He's not too fond
of programming (understatement), but then again, I'm completely
clueless when it comes to hardware (not understatement). NQC (Not
Quite C) is a _really_ braindead language. Many arithmetic operations
are restricted to _constants_, imagine that! Nonetheless, I managed to
get some kind of thing running. It was both concrete (look! I can make
things move!) and very abstract (I can't believe I'm back to debugging
by _beeping!_), and it was tons of fun.

So that's all good.

I've finished packing, and I announce with some relief that a week's
worth of clothes fits into my standard book bag. I won't need to check
anything in, and I can take the bus/subway to get to the airport for
my noontime flight.

Tomorrow: Toastmasters training and tango! Whee!

I need to make sure things are as smooth as possible, because I won't have that much time on Monday morning. I may need to
nap in the afternoon. Too bad, really, that Toastmasters is this

Ah, well. life! =)

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