Three hours delay and that's okay

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The US Airways commuter flight to Toronto is over three hours delayed.
That's okay, because you can just _hear_ the smile in the announcer's
voice. You know he's having fun!

Heard on the P.A. system:

“If you're going to Detroit or Toronto, please don't come down yet, or
we'll send you to a destination of our own choosing.”

“Once again, the plane for Toronto will be delayed until 3:52. 3:52.
You have time for a snack or coffee. Use it wisely.”

“Good news for Columbia, Columbia, the plane is nearly here. In fact,
I can almost see it out the window.”

“Once again, the flight to Toronto has been delayed to 4:45, 4:50. Now
is a good time to have lunch or dinner. If you want to leave the area,
just be back by 4. I'll keep you posted.”

“And remember, if you're bringing knapsacks, garment bags, strollers,
they're not going to fit. The bins are small. Pick up a yellow tag.
They're complimentary. They're recyclable. Try them, you'll like them.
They're on the counter.”

“Last call for Rowley(?). Rowley's about a 7-hour drive tonight. Don't
miss your flight!”

I asked a flight attendant where I could get a customer feedback form
so that I could write something about this guy. She laughed and said
that Wally over at 35A has a Polish name, but “Wally” should be fine.
Apparently, he's like that, day in and day out. The flight attendant
said that the jokes get a bit old if you work there, but hey, every
announcement of his was greeted with smiles and chuckles by the rest
of us infrequent travellers. =)

Totally awesome. I might just write a handwritten note to the customer
service address once I get back to Canada. =) Here's to little things
done with great love!

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