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My best friend from Japan is in the Philippines, and I'm glad to hear
that my mom and my friends are taking good care of him.
Dave Brown made Tokyo worth it for me. He
cheered me up when I felt homesick, gave me hugs and chocolate when I
felt down, and helped me explore the nooks and crannies of that crazy

He's in Manila to take the JITSE, a standard IT examination that'll
give him more qualifications for his work in Japan. I appreciate the
fact that Jerome managed to take time off from his busy schedule
(advocating .NET is a full-time job! =) ) to give Dave JITSE tips and
chat about life, and I'm glad that the rest of my friends made him
feel welcome. =)

“Dave's a nice guy to talk to. I guess I can imagine why he and Sacha
get along,” blogged Marcelle.
Yeah, Dave's awesome. Always smiling, always warm and open. Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing him upset even once.
If you read the friends-locked posts on his Livejournal, you'll know he's a Good Guy.

With few exceptions, my friends generally get along very well with
each other, and I'm glad he fits right in. Too bad Dominique won't get
to meet him, though. They'd get along, too. =) (But then again,
Dominique gets along with everyone…)

I hope Dave has fun on the test, and I hope he enjoys Manila!

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