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I gave another Toastmaster speech today: “Learn How to Cook or Die
Trying.” It was well-received, but I still need to tweak it in
preparation for the competition a few weeks away.

I also got to try on the absolutely beautiful dress I'll wear to the
renaissance dance performance on Friday. It's probably my one and only chance to wear a hoop skirt, so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. ;) The dress rehearsal is on
Thursday and the performance is on Friday. Both are at 6:30 PM at Old Vic in Victoria College, U of T. If you don't mind watching us learn how to navigate with hoop skirts and all of that, you can probably come to the dress rehearsal. If you're willing to take pictures of our performance (Hello, Papa! ;) ), we can probably sneak in one or two guests.

… And I managed to wake up in time to turn in assignment #2 for the FIS course, which I think is a pretty cool performance. Prof. Howarth gave me back the paper for Assignment #1. I got an A+ for presentation, and a very encouraging comment! =) Whee!

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