Renaissance dance

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Whee! We performed the Branles Pinagay, Washerwoman and Charlotte at a
Renaissance conference. Wearing a hoop skirt was _so_ much fun.
Seriously, those should go back in fashion. ;)

We headed out to the Duke of York pub afterwards. Plenty of fun
conversation. Whee!

Casualty: One beautiful pink crystal earring possibly dropped in
Victoria College when I was busy ripping thigs of. Still worth it. I'd
do it again – sans earrings, next time. Sigh. I seem to be unable to
hang on to pretty pink earrings… WAAAAH!

And I _liked_ that set! I liked that set enough to want to pass by
Claire and get myself another pair of them. Emily said she never buys
her own earrings, but as people here aren't in the habit of giving me
earrings, I have to buy myself earrings. It's kinda like buying myself

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