Sick today

Not enough sleep and not enough water and certain other factors that
occur on a semi-regular basis meant I was really, really drained
today. I pushed myself a bit hard for lunch, heading out to an
Ethiopian restaurant with Mike Tsang, his brother David, and their
friend Nashira (sp?). It was nice meeting them, though, and I had
interesting conversations over delicious food.

That meant I skipped the lunch nap I was thinking of having, though. A
high-priority issue came up afterwards, so I didn't get much of an
afternoon nap, either. By the time I finally got to nap, it was almost
Toastmasters time. I called Paul to say I couldn't make it. I hope he
passed the message to Ari.

I wasn't in the mood to cook or even to reheat pizza, but Calum
happened to be in the area (he had a thesis meeting with Mark), so he
showed me where I could get a nice, healthy soup. It was a bit of a
walk, but the nap had left me a little bit better, and I drank plenty
of water while I was there.

I felt better after the meal, although still a little out of sorts. I
felt good enough to practice some Renaissance dance. I also stayed up
talking to Clair and Charo, formulating a battle plan.

All I can say is: thank goodness for portable heating packs, or I'd
probably have been totally out of it for the whole day.

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