Well-spent Sunday

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I baked chocolate chip cookies for my hospital-bound friend today, and
we had a lot of fun at an impromptu party with his other friends. =)

I spent the afternoon attending a Persian New Year celebration. The
dance show we wanted to watch was fully booked, so we ended up
listening to music instead. I didn't know enough about the culture to
fully appreciate it, although I found the instruments interesting. The
field-trip was a great excuse to meet other graduate students. I met
Oz(sp?) (Geology), Lusine (Armenian, Health Sciences), Brian
(Archaeology, used to be a pilot), Nancy (Public Health), Li-Fang
(Molecular Cell Biology), and quite a number of other residents. Now,
if I had remembered to ask for their last names, I might've been able
to look them up in the directory. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to
run into them at coffee time or in the elevator…

In the evening, I baked lasagna before heading down to play billiards
and table tennis with other Graduate House residents. Come to think of
it, I actually enjoyed that more than tango. =)

The lasagna… well… turned into lasagna soup. No-boil lasagna
noodles aren't very forgiving when it comes to the recipe, I guess. I
was worried about making it too dry. It turned out too soft instead.
=) That's okay. I'll still eat it. I had meatballs and cut-up lasagna
noodles today, using up more of the lasagna noodles I had mistakenly
boiled last time.

Kanojo wa ie ni nokosareta neko no koto o omoidashita.

(I did too! I miss Neko…)

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