In the thick of things

Come to think of it, my social life really is very different from,
say, what I’d gotten used to in high school. I used to be part of one
or two clearly identifiable groups, but now I’m a part of all these
different groups and dyads. I’m a lot better at introducing myself
based on something completely random, too.

And yes, I’ve actually said that talking to people is fun. I love
establishing some kind of common ground with people, appreciating
their differences and the insight I gain from their perspective. I
look forward to cooking for friends, meeting people for lunch or
dinner, running into random strangers in the piano room, and chatting
with people over billiards or table tennis. I also love keeping in
touch with my friends and family back home. I miss them, too! =)

As long as I don’t forget to pay attention to my own life, it should
be fine. <laugh>

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Random Japanese sentence: この種の猫にはしっぽがない。 The tail is absent in this type of cat. Kono shu no neko wa ni wa shippo ga nai.

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