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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Much work done today, so I don't feel guilty about blogging and catching up on my e-mail before I go to bed.

Reading paper progress:
37 papers read today.
100 papers read total.
158 papers to go.
Not all of the papers are related, but still… good work!

See, this is what I should've been doing throughout the term instead of during one mad sprint near the end, but it really also just gelled together. =) Enterprise social bookmarking. That's what I'm into. Mark should be happy. The vast majority of the papers I've read come from peer-reviewed journals, and they're all over the place – collaborative filtering, cooperation, community, social navigation…


I'm _so_ glad I'm okay with reading on a computer, and that I'm not stuck on some low-refresh CRT. A 10″ display makes for _really_ _bad_ _scrolling_, but it's something. In an ideal world, I suppose I'd have a huge monitor just for things like this – but hey…

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