Hacked another T-shirt

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I simply can't resist wordplay when it comes to hacking T-shirts. The
bright orange T-shirt I bought at the Wireless Toronto anniversary
party has, now, well, wires – or laces, at least. It laces up the back
with strips cut from the T-shirt. (I didn't have spare CAT5 lying
around…) Like most shirts, the armholes were way too big, so I cut a
panel down the back and used that as a bandeau under the rest of the
shirt. The panel was just a _bit_ too short, so I laced that one up in
front, too.

Yes, yes, a picture's worth a thousand words, but I seem to have left
the cable for my camera at the lab. That said, I have a totally
small-time studio now: one warm light (from Ikea), a plastic tripod
($3 at Active Surplus), and a camera set to manual + timer…

If I had a remote and a full-length mirror, that would be even cooler.
That way, I could trigger the timer while making sure I'm in frame.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun making the shirt. I'm thinking of making
short vidcasts showing my different hacked-up computer shirts and
talking a little bit about the events/technologies behind them. =) (If
only to show everyone that yes, you can be a geek _and_ still have fun
being a girl!)

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