Mesh magic: At the registration desk

I'm a paid registrant at Mesh today, but I'm volunteering at the registration desk because it's fun greeting people and making them feel welcome. Late registrants trickle in. Most of them are speakers or sponsors, but occasionally we get people I can actually help. =)

Not too many people are here yet. The combination of a riotous
afterparty at The Drake and the dull gray of a rainy morning must've
convinced most people to stay in bed. Note to self: if I'm ever going
to give a keynote address (hah!), I should make sure it's not on the
second day, or at least make sure it's the second keynote of the
day… <laugh>

I really, really want to attend the keynote conversation on venture
capital and Web 2.0. I'm interested in how venture capital can help
tiny little Web 2.0 companies, and—also important—what we can do
without venture capital. This is important to me because the
Philippines doesn't have a strong venture capital base yet, so any
ideas on how to bootstrap cool Web 2.0 companies would be totally

So I'm going to go find someone to cover for me… =) Whee!

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