Renaissance dance performance

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Toronto Coranto – the renaissance dance group that I got drafted into
– performed for a class on Love and the Renaissance. It was tons of
fun, particularly the workshop part where we got all these students to
try out the branle pinagay. I wish I'd learned the dance of the
flowers. It looked very pretty, all courtly symmetry and

Calum came downtown just to shoot the event. He left after the show,
and I didn't get to talk to him much about what's going on in his
life. Should check on him sometime. He has two camera bodies now, and
he's gotten completely spoiled by not only the ability to switch from
long to short really quickly but also the external flash. Heh.

Jed dropped by, too, even joining the workshop. He joined us for our
celebration at the pub. I had a burger, some Aussie cheese fries, a
plate(!) of whipped cream (I have no idea what possessed Mike to ask
for that!), and a little bit of a brownie.

We had hot chocolate afterwards (oy, sugar overload!), and we chatted
a bit about development, billiards, drumming… Come to think of it, I
don't think he managed to finish his tea. I really should just prepare
tea next time. Engineers Without Borders gave me a box of tea for
showing up at lunch the other week, and I really should track down the
wonderful tea David served at the Linux Caffe some time back.

Must learn how to listen for rhythms and to tap them out. It's not
entirely logical for me to keep telling people that they can get the
hang of computer science and that I'm not a special, unique snowflake,
while excusing myself from not being able to get the hang of audio or
visual stuff. ;)

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