Web 2.0 and entrepreneurship

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From the Kagay-anon Linux Users' Group mailing list:

sa mga hilig ug web/2
one page lang na guide; gamit kaayo..

sa mga hackers ug novell fans

The first link is a quick guide to typical Web 2.0 interface stuff.
http://msippey.tadalist.com/lists/public/155420 is an even shorter list. ;)
(Heh. Also read http://blog.unitedheroes.net/archives/p/2051/ )

I read KLUG every so often even though I can't understand Bisaya… =)
It's fun, and I've found a number of interesting people that way. For
example, Botp Peña (who posted these links) conducts free Ruby on
Rails training, and it looks like Botp Peña is also interested in

E-Mail from Botp Peña

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