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John Sullivan said:

You've really got to get a comment system working on your blog :)

There are a lot of new interesting devices that are better and less locked down than the Blackberry. I'm writing this email from one right now, a Nokia E61. It has wifi and can make SIP calls in addition to regular phone calls! Also, it runs Python. It's expensive, but only about the same as a new new Blackberry.

I've just yesterday started a backpack page about my working with it, at

Nokia also appears to be heading rapidly down the FLOSS path, and I _know_ you'll be wanting to hack your device. :)

Well, if someone wants to hack together Planner + a nice non-spammy comment system, I'd love to test it. I used to use blogKomm, but I needed to modify it at some point and the code was in German. Not quite fu.

Ooooh, wifi is good.

I've been doing okay with my laptop so far. It's actually more
portable than I thought. Might try the Vaio for even more fun and
profit. =) And yes, I'd rather have a hackable device than something
that Just Works for everyone but me… ;)

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