Centre Island

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Today I finally made it out to Centre Island, thanks to Joe Whitney.
It was a wonderfully sunny day. The ferry passed through a flock of
black loonies and a flock of white birds on the way to the island. The
birds in flight made such a wonderful picture, but I didn't have my
camera! Waah.

We had barbecue chicken before biking all around the island. I
discovered that I'm completely hopeless at steering a tandem bike and
that synchronizing is difficult on a tandem bike with locked pedals,
so I sat at the back and tucked my feet up when he was pedalling,
balancing on the thin frame. We alternated pedalling during the trip.
It was nice to be able to pedal but be free to look around, enjoying
the sight of all that water and all those trees.

Other highlights: chocolate milkshakes, an animal farm, good
conversation in a huge chair, another chat out by the rocks that jut
out into the lake… =) It was such fun hanging out!

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