It's alive! Reviving my iPaq

I've decided to experiment with carrying an electronic device around
again. Several people have reported seeing Moleskines coexist with
PDAs, so I want to see if the two will play nicely together for me. ;)
This is a Compaq-era iPaq (but not the research lab iPaq they sent me
before; I miss that). Nostalgia alert!

I am once again impressed by Microsoft Transcriber, which understands
my script/chickenscratches. Totally awesome.

I might use this to keep track of my calendar. If I can figure out how
to get data out of it easily with my Linux laptop, then I might be
able to use it to compose blog entries. At the very least, I can use
it to read ebooks. Oh, and maybe I should grab a CF, reflash the Ipaq
with Linux, and put Ruby and Python on the thing… And… >laugh>

(Hey, you know, this would be perfect as a ping-tracker!)

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