My family’s moving

My sister’s having her next Carnivore Night party at the new house. It
boggles the mind, actually. I’d lived all my life on Bautista Street,
growing up right next to the office. I grew used to always being
presentably dressed (although my fashion sense was really dodgy). I
liked rubbing elbows with people during lunch and dinner. I loved
being around all those books. And of course it was great being able to
just wander over and bring my dad a glass of water or give my mom an
unexpected hug on those inevitable long days…

How will that change now that we have a proper house some distance
away from work?

It’s good for my family, though. It’ll give them that extra time for
relaxation that makes all the difference. From the pictures, it seems
like a beautiful house, too.

I’ll wake up extra early tomorrow – extra extra extra early, maybe
5:00 – so that I can chat with my mom and my friends before I go to

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