Not a stranger

We made it to the tail end of the reception for the summit in
Connecticut. It was just so amazing walking into a room and hearing
people you’d never seen say, “Hi, Sacha!” They’d read my blog and
checked out my bookmarks. I knew them through their bookmarks and blog
entries and e-mail messages…

I brought out my cheatsheet tagclouds, too. =) Stalker! ;)

I was so worried that I’d find the summit intimidating, but it’s all
good. I’m so excited! That doesn’t mean I won’t have butterflies in my
stomach during my (rather short) panel presentation, but it’s nice to
know people and be known by them…

Random Japanese sentence: お宅の猫を観察してご覧なさい。そうすればその猫の事がよく分かりますよ。 Just observe your cat and you will get to know him.