Summit was absolutely fantastic!

| conference

The panel was _really_ fun. Well, it wasn't really run as a panel, but
more as a set of quick presentations. I think I amused everyone with
my eagerness to speak. <laugh> My voice was hoarse from
nervousness – so much for Toastmasters! – but I survived my
presentation. I was thrilled to hear my key thought (usability isn't
just about the interface – we also have to tell stories!) reiterated
during the breakout session and other stuff.

And of course the entire summit was _tons_ and tons of fun! The
researcher in charge of the project I'm working on very, very
helpfully gave me tons of ideas for my thesis. The organizers hugged
me and thanked me for being there. People are looking out for me and
helping me… Wow!

Happy, happy girl.

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