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In response to my wishful thinking about a presenter's mouse, Chris League wrote:

If I may be so bold, THIS is what you want: http://tinyurl.com/qg7e2

A wireless presentation remote and laser pointer in a very conveniently-sized gadget. I don't go anywhere without it, just in case I have to give an impromptu presentation. :)

I've seen people use wireless mouse instead, and it always looks awkward, balancing it in your palm, or on a table top where you have to come back to it if you're on the other side of the room.

That is _exactly_ what I need! =D I'm going to look for it locally and buy one!

Check out Chris' blog, too. Totally awesome!

Today (Monday, actually) was the start of the 2006 LIU Teaching with
Technology Institute. Unlike many professors, I of course have no
problem adapting to new technologies, since I basically invent new
technologies for a living. But the reason I like participating in this
— and other workshops sponsored by our Teaching and Learning
Initiative — is that it's great to get together with other passionate
profs to talk about teaching. Or, more accurately, about “creating
effective learning environments.” Or, more pretentiously, about

Way cool!

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