Epiphany! Social obligation = t3h c00l

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Thanks to a conversation with Quinn Fung, I've found a powerful reason
that makes N-hour commutes _so_ worth it!

See, one of the reasons why I was dissatisfied with working at the
Center for Advanced Studies all the way up in Markham was that it was
so quiet. We don't really work in teams, like the way other IBM
employees do. We keep to ourselves, working on our little bits of
research, and we hardly talk to each other because we don't think
anyone else will understand us. <sniff, sniff>

My manager offered to look into moving me to Bloor and Yonge in order
to address my commute problem, but reflecting on my options, I felt
that the lack of social interaction was what was really bugging me.
That wouldn't have been solved by a move to the downtown office. In
fact, that would probably have made it worse.

Quinn patiently listened to me sort through how I felt about the
situation. She shared how social obligation is often a good way to
motivate her to do something, like the way that knowing she has a
meeting with someone can help her get out of bed in the morning.

Social obligation. That's it! Aha! <choir singing>

I know what I need to do to make me _excited_ about going to IBM as
many times as I need to! All I have to do is make sure that every
single lunch time is booked with interesting people! I've blogged
about that internally before… I don't have to wait for people to ask
me. I can practice shamelessness and go and ask people to lunch!

I've promised to work downtown today and Thursday because I'm meeting
a couple of people in the area, but I'm looking forward to Friday! I
can probably get a list of interns from Uma and work my way through
that list, asking people where they're from and what they're learning
from IBM so far…

I _still_ want VPN. I think that it'll relieve the pressure I feel
about keeping up with what's going on within IBM. I don't think it'll
be too distracting. Besides, if I wanted to distract myself, there are
a gazillion other ways for me to do so. IBM may as well benefit from
me, just as I may as well benefit from establishing contacts and
getting people interested in my project.

There: now I have the one thought that I can use to drag myself out of
bed… =D Mission: meet and learn from everyone!

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