I'm Somebody!

| goodkarma

From Diary of a Somebody, in the Guardian (a UK newspaper):

“”The best bloggers use their blogs as a tool to engage with others on a particular topic. Too many people focus on telling their story,” advises IBM's blogger in chief, Christopher Barger. He had been busy writing his own blog for 18 months on topics utterly unrelated to work when the chief executive summoned him to his office and informed him he had been reading his blog for a year. After an initial panic, Barger realised he was being promoted, not fired. He is now responsible for “tying blogging to IBM's overall strategy”. In a company that employs 300,000 people, promoting a culture of internal and external blogging has led to connecting groups of people tackling similar problems across the world, identifying experts, such as Ed Brill who works on IBM's Lotus software, now routinely quoted by journalists and analysts as an expert, and spotting future talent – such as Sacha Chau, a placement student currently at IBM Toronto, now gaining recognition for her popular internal blog.

Minor fixes: Sacha Chua, not Chau, and I'm actually a graduate student on a research fellowship, not a placement student. =) But yeah! Way fun.


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