Phone sweetness

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I _so_ lucked out! =D

I picked up a Sony Ericsson Z520a for CAD 50.00 when I got myself a
2-year Fido cellphone contract. I figured that a new phone wouldn't be
a bad idea, and if all else fails, I could use it to set up some kind
of ad hoc cellphone gateway.

It turns out that I totally lucked out on my choice of cellphone. It's
_beautiful!_ It lets me easily send text messages to groups and take
pictures of people. Sweeeeet!

What would've made it even better? External storage. I guess I can
live with 500 active contacts, particularly as the Ericsson's reported
to work well with the Mac and Bluetooth synchronization lets me send
_all_ the contacts.

Oh, and it would be _really_ cool if the contacts list could show
pictures, or I had another thing that let me quickly flip through

Still. It's sweet!

Signed, sealed, delivered. I'm yours!

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