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Here's what I need to do:

I need to come up with a list of calls for papers for conferences
related to my research area. This provides me with an incentive to

I need to sit down with Mark Chignell, my research supervisor, to
review my research plan and the calls for papers and to break my plan
down into smaller milestones. This gives me a concrete action plan.
Then I can schedule next actions.

If I can break it down into really small milestones in the beginning,
then I'll get a better sense of how much work I can accomplish. I
would like to be done with my research before Christmas, so that I can
relax without having to coordinate with IBM. Ideally I would also have
it all practically written up, just waiting to be translated into
“scholarly writing”. I can use my internal blog and podcast to think
things through.

So here's a coarse sketch of a potential schedule:

Ideally, I'd like to commit the equivalent of two to three days of
focused work each week for the rest of August, which leaves me time to
prepare for the future and build other competencies. I remember that a
former roommate of mine concentrated on her research and studies, and
ended up without job offers because she hadn't done enough networking
or exploration. I'd like to finish my master's with a good background
in research into social computing, but I also want to be ready to be
useful to small or large businesses.

I'll take classes from September to December. I'm planning to take two
courses and audit a few more to expand my mind. I need to take one
more MIE course, and the CS course on requirements engineering has
been highly recommended. October or November can be my main data
gathering month.

So: August is for reading papers, gathering background information,
and learning as much as I can about the theoretical framework and how
to measure the effects of an intervention. September is for analyzing
the collaboration technologies against the framework chosen, and
selecting a factor to modify. I may need to code a fair bit—the
actual intervention plus the instrumentation I need to measure the
change, so I'll probably use October to set up the experiment. I'll
run the experiment in November, and work on polishing my writing in

My Christmas break will be a *real* break. I don't want to do
IBM-related things then, aside from perhaps an evangelism talk or two
at IBM Philippines. ;) I want to reconnect with family and friends,
make new friends, and develop business opportunities.

Then I can come back to Canada, finish writing up my paper, have my
committee review it (although I hope they'll be involved at each
step), and revise it as needed. Once I finish that, there might not be
that much point in going for an internship instead of a proper job, so
I'll probably start looking for leads in January and aim to finish in
April. Although I'd like to be able to bridge worlds and that probably
means finding a good place to work in North America, it won't be a
huge tragedy if I don't manage to get a good job offer lined up.
There's much for me to do in the Philippines, and I might come back
and join Exist or QSR or something like that. Besides, the Philippines
has its perks. ;)

Yes, I could've done this earlier, but it was also important for me to
immerse myself in the culture and to form ties with people who can
help me find out how to go about doing this. =)

Yup, definitely sounds like a plan.

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