Darn, can't find my first-aid kit

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I can't find the first-aid kit that Diane Lazaro assembled for me before I left for Canada. I know I used some
bandages from it before, but I might've left it somewhere. Hmm. I'll
just go and buy surgical tape tomorrow, then.

No, don't worry, nothing's wrong. It's just that I've been meaning to
get around to using the scar removal patches that Simon thoughtfully
shared with me. The blisters from horseback riding more than a year
ago haven't faded from my ankles. I'd like to be able to stop looking
like I have mild stigmata. The scar removal patches from Pfizer are
said to be pretty effective, but because the dark spots are on my
ankles, the patches are really difficult to keep on. Taping them to my
skin might help! <laugh> So, tomorrow, then.

Along those lines: does sebo de macho actually work?

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